Sinterklaas en het raadsel van 5 december


Release Date : 2011-10-05 (NL)

Movie Plot

The Petes run against a modern problem. Most of the chimneys have disappeared and many houses are now protected by an alarm. The poor Petes are always chased by the police when they try to deliver the presents to the children. One by one they end up in prison. When Sinterklaas is busy solving the problem of the Petes, he is kidnapped by the mean Dr. Brein and her accomplices Joris and Boris. Meanwhile, Pieta and Mrs. Dakjes try to teach a couple of Petes the petebusiness. There they are also harassed by Michiel, who wants to have an interview with Sinterklaas for the school newspaper. Giftnight is approaching and for the Petes and Sinterklaas it will be a race against time to find a solution and save Giftnight.


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