Not for Sale


Release Date : 2010-06-24 (ID)

Movie Plot

May runs away from home and lives on the streets. When she meets Sashi, she is allowed to stay in a rented house with another girl, Andhara, a bartender at a nightclub. Although Sashi works as a pimp who sells her high-school-virgin friends, she still appreciates May and even supports her intention to pay for her mother’s medical bills. So Sashi introduces May to Dessy, a striptease dancer. Later, when May is sexually harassed, Andhara and Rangga come to her aid. After the incident, May’s relationship with Rangga grows closer. But Andhara learns that Rangga only wants May’s body. Andhara then beats up Rangga, who in retaliation, reports her to the police for drug possession. May’s situation deteriorates and she asks Sashi to sell her body.


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