Největší z Čechů


Release Date : 2010-08-26 (CS)

Movie Plot

Film crew on the road: Director (Jaroslav Plesl), his Producer (Simona Babcáková), and their Director of Photography (Jirí Vyorálek) and Sound Arist (Johana Svarcova). Starving artists who already have a number of films to their names, Czech Lion award-winning films, excellent reviews and have been screened at numerous festivals, but they don’t have audiences. Their next collaborative effort – the Director’s lifetime dream – is quickly becoming oblivion because he failed to win a grant, which means it won’t be made. And so the frustrated Director and his colleagues await their chance among record-holders of curious disciplines such as crawling with a squash racket or collecting four-leaf clovers. How will the collision of these two worlds end? What will the Director’s next film be about?


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