Mount Analogue Revisited


Release Date : 2010-12-19 (EN)

Movie Plot

Mount Analogue Revisited is based on a reworking of Rene Daumal’s book ‘Mount Analogue’. The book, unfinished before Daumal’s death, is the story of a voyage to an unknown island with an improbable mountain which is seen as a means to link Heaven and Earth. Irish artists Walker and Walker adapt a short passage from the book which sees three of the crew from the voyage captured upon landing on the shore, and escorted to a municipal building. As an official demands an explanation for their actions, Walker and Walker fabricate a conversation between the three crew, the official, and the author himself. The dialogue uses the island’s metaphysical nature to question the limits of reason and rationality, the quest for utopia, and whether truth can even exist. It is an adventurous philosophical tale—poetic passages leading to a spiritual quest, one which borders on science fiction.


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