Leading Ladies


Release Date : 2010-11-06 (EN)

Movie Plot

The Camparis are a family of women. Sheri is a larger-than-life authoritarian mother, a former ballroom dancing champion who is now fulfilling her passion through her youngest daughter Tasi. Tasi is the darling of the local amateur ballroom circuit, pretty and spoilt, very attached to her older sister, Toni, who is rather plain and insecure. The only man in the Camparis’ life is Cedric, Tasis’ s gay dance partner and Toni’s best friend. When Tasi announces that she is pregnant, her mother Shari decides to groom Toni to take her sister’s place and win the coming ballroom competition. But Toni is changing, she has fallen in love with blonde dancer Moana. Maybe a new, and unconventional, girl-girl couple will make her accept the challenge. A totally female family portrait with one character discovering her homosexual identity: a musical comedy (and a successful debut too) somewhere between Dirty Dancing and Little Miss Sunshine, with a hint of Baz Luhrmann.


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