Lagpas: Ikaw, ano’ng trip mo?


Release Date : 2010-07-07 (TL)

Movie Plot

On the day of Roy’s birthday, an unexpected event happens in the lives of the people in his house. Unbeknownst to Diego, a hunk gay waiter, Roy, a student, is the only key to the truths surrounding the lies and deceits in the house. Drugs and hidden motives involving Diego and Sandro, a callboy and student, will be revealed which eventually lead to the death of the latter. Upon knowing that Diego’s life is in danger, Orlando, a band member in love with Diego, decided to postpone his intentions of taking his life in order to help the love of his life. Orlando saves Diego from death, but sadly, all is too late. Orlando is weakening and is dying of AIDS. Regardless of the time given to them, Diego and Orlando use the precious remaining time to show their love for each other.

Cast & Crew


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