Release Date : 2010-01-01 (MR)

Movie Plot

Yashwant Rajadhyaksha, retired professor of law. at age 65 finds the dormant warrior within on his kurukshetra, which is the legel system. He finds him through his own karmas because that is the only way to find him. But the search for this warrior within begins only when his mettle is tested by a situation which rocks him and his family…… Yashwant is a shattered man. But he wants to fight. His sons chicken out like most people would do in such a situation. He decided to walk out on them. The only person that urges him is his energy, his shakti represented by his wife Sumati Rajadhyaksha. Will Yashwant take the battle to the finish, making the warrior within him a winner and rightfully the king; the king has won his throne in battle; conquered it.


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