Donde duerme el Horror


Release Date : 2010-06-04 (EN)

Movie Plot

Surprised by an unexpected witness, robbers murder a woman who curses them. Little do they know of her connection with a treacherous sect indeed. Their chosen location to hide the loot turns out to be an adventure lodge where the owners are offered a talisman that supposedly grants wishes. Naively, they wish for a sum of money. Next day their beloved son unexpectedly dies. The exact sum they wished for is offered in accident insurance. Coincidence, or fate? The event lures the couple into a downward spiral. Meanwhile, the robbers are drawn to members of the sect who succeed in seducing and hideously murdering two of them, but one escapes. The owner comes upon the loot. It is again the exact same amount that he has rejected from the insurance company. Now convinced of the power of this amulet and incapable of escaping the consequences of their wish, the mother, gone mad, forces her husband to make a final wish: to bring their son back to life.

Cast & Crew


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