Release Date : 2010-02-09 (TL)

Movie Plot

Cris and Nico has just recently celebrated their first year anniversary and Cris has decided to introduce him to his mother who live just outside the city. It’s been a year since Cris last visited his mother. He intends to bring along his bestfriend Chamy so that he can slowly hint to his mother that he is gay and that Nico is his partner. Cris thinks that his plan will be perfect. What he does not know is that his mother has discovered that her son is gay and has sought the help of her congregation to exorcise him on the night of his visit. What happens when three gay guys pretend to be straight and when a mother pretends she does not know? “Discreetly” ia a funny rendering of the challenges that every gay man faces not only with coming to terms with himself but with his family coming to terms with his gender.

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