Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!


Release Date : 2009-08-07 (EN)

Movie Plot

The film chronicles George’s adventures as he befriends Kayla, a baby elephant, at a magic circus show and helps her travel across the country to be reunited with her family.Accompanied by his friend, the Man with the Yellow Hat, George travels by foot, train, and truck to reach Kayla’s brother and sister in California, only to be accused of elephant-napping and brought all the way back to New York.

Cast & Crew

Frank WelkerFrank Welker

Amy HillAmy Hill

Ed ORossEd ORoss

Carlos AlazraquiCarlos Alazraqui

Jeff BennettJeff Bennett

Fred TatascioreFred Tatasciore

Jamie KennedyJamie Kennedy

Catherine TaberCatherine Taber

Tim CurryTim Curry

Cree SummerCree Summer

Matt LauerMatt Lauer

Melissa GreenspanMelissa Greenspan

Jerry LewisJerry Lewis

Clint HowardClint Howard

Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr

Cam ClarkeCam Clarke

Lara CodyLara Cody

John KassirJohn Kassir

Cynthia SongéCynthia Songé

Steve StaleySteve Staley


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