Release Date : 2010-04-01 (ES)

Movie Plot

Five sex-themed stories: Story 1: At night, while waiting at the central bus station of Retiro, a man meets an adolescent girl, Reneta at the bus station. They go to a cafe and begin a conversation about sex that will prove to be deeply disturbing. Story 2: Walter, an adolescent boy will discover a new interest in his sister’s boyfriend, Platero while they are fooling around on their bunk bed. Story 3: Virginia and Pablo maintained a loving relationship for some years; she is still in love but he is not the man she met. Story 4: Gustavo, a 40-year-old Argentinean married to an American woman living in the USA longs for his sex life in Buenos Aires stimulated by photos of Argentinean teenagers on the Internet. Story 5: A well-built married office employee has sexual fantasies about the women working in his office.


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