CIA Assassin: First Contract


Release Date : 2010-07-16 (EN)

Movie Plot

Paul Pounder (a.k.a. Agent 69) has seen better days. His age has caught up with him and he struggles to get work from the Agency. However, his string of bad luck is about to change. In the past three months, fifteen female C.I.A. agents have been found shot or dtabbed to death. Hidden video surveillance cameras captured Maizah Samar, an Arab who works for the Russians, in the act of fleeing the scenes at the same time as several agents had been killed. C.I.A. Agen 0015 meets with Agent 69 to brief him on the murders. While thumbing through pictures of the dead women provided to him by 0015, Agent 69 discovers his fuck buddy, Agent 96, is one of the victims found shot to death. Looking at her bullet-riddled body, he recalls the wild sex and good times they had together. Shocked and grief stricken upon seeing the photos, Agent 69 is anxious to stop Maizah Samar. He accepts his First Contract, and so the story begins…


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