Children at Play


Release Date : 2010-05-01 (EN)

Movie Plot

In his mid-twenties, Jack is an unassuming and introverted young man whose benign outward appearance is beginning to show cracks. After befriending Leni, a shy, neighborhood eleven year old, Jack’s seemingly harmless relationship with the young girl starts to take on a much darker quality. As Jack struggles with irrepressible and depraved feelings for Leni, he is faced with a moral dilemma he knows he must confront. Unsuspecting of the magnitude of their relationship, Leni’s older sister, Kayla, develops a crush on the mysterious and outwardly wholesome stranger befriending her sister. It isn’t until Kayla comes to realize what Jack’s motives truly are that Jack must face his secret and himself and make a decision that will forever change his life.

Cast & Crew


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