A Musa Impassível


Release Date : 2011-04-30 (PT)

Movie Plot

In “The Impassive Muse”, Adrine is of Armenian descent and has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Edivaldo is from Pernambuco and suffers from immobilizing absence seizures which make him stand as still as a statue.
Adrine is married to Adilson, a brutalized man who do not bear to be touched by the woman. Edivaldo wants to marry Gladis, unlikely aspirant to the fashion world. Adrine don’t want to be noticed. Edivaldo need to ‘be somedbody’ to win back his bride.
One morning, the lives of Edivaldo and Adrine cross because of ripe orange. Among historical monuments, sculptures, people of different backgrounds and dreams, Edivaldo and Adrine share a journey of recognition and acceptance without imagining that what they live, in fact is the oldest and necessary of the stories: a love story.


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