Доставить любой ценой


Release Date : 2011-01-01 (RU)

Movie Plot

In October 1941, the Soviet people still believed that the war with the Germans would not last longer than a few months. Nevertheless, by order of the leadership, not only factories, but also historical values are transported to the rear. In a small town, a museum, comfortably housed in an ancient monastery, is being evacuated. The young girl Asya, her professor father, and his deputy Fedenka – that’s all the guards who are entrusted with the mission of saving cultural heritage for the people. Among other exhibits, there is one special one – the Bible – it should become the basis for an exhibition under the patronage of Comrade Stalin himself, but the Germans also have plans for this thing. The path is long, and the road is full of dangers. It happens that instead of her family, Asenka will be accompanied by a complete stranger, whose fate is full of unpleasant mysteries, and whose habits and habits make her fear him rather than trust him… but she cannot survive alone.


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